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Campus Nurse

Laura Reeves Primary is fortunate to have a dedicated and qualified campus nurse who plays a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of our students and staff. With a strong commitment to promoting a safe and nurturing environment, our nurse contributes significantly to the overall welfare of our school community.

Our campus nurse is a skilled healthcare professional who is well-versed in pediatric care. They are not only equipped to handle medical emergencies and provide first aid, but they also take a proactive approach to health education and preventive care. 

Additionally, our nurse collaborates closely with parents and guardians to manage health concerns and ensure that any medical needs are met while the students are at school. They also work alongside teachers and staff to address any health-related considerations that might impact a student's learning experience.

Beyond their clinical duties, our campus nurse fosters a caring and supportive environment where students feel comfortable discussing their health concerns. Their presence reassures both students and parents that their health and safety are a top priority.

In essence, our primary school campus nurse is an essential member of our community, contributing to the holistic development and overall success of our students by promoting a healthy and thriving learning environment.


Kandace Pavlowich, BSN